What does a hundred grand buy you these days?
by Admin 30 / 03 / 2020

(Finding the real estate investment properties under $100K)

How do you put $100,000 into real estate and maximize it, so you can take a small amount of money and turn it into a million dollars? If you have $100,000 to invest in real estate, it’s almost like you put on your big-boy underpants and you are ready to go out there and start putting 20% down payments on properties.

So, from where you should start?

And our answer is that you should always start without spending any of that money. Figure out how to do real estate investment without utilizing your own cash. Do it with zero down. But here comes a fact, that in real estate you can’t make money with no money, you probably can’t make money with money. So if you have $100K to invest, what’s liable to transpire that most probably you’re going to lose that money.

But prudence says when you do investment with zero down; you would never lose any money. Even A lot of people will use their credit on these deals and that’ll screw them up even worse. Land speculation requires a keen psyche, convenient venture and making the correct agreement at the perfect time. If you get these three things right, believe us you are going to make handsome money without investing a single penny. And that is done through property trading or property swapping.

Benefits of entering the real estate investment with as low as 100k

Deciding on where to invest 100k can feel quite inundating. The sheer number of available options can leave you discombobulated and unable to pull the trigger on one specific endeavor. All things considered, distinguishing investments that yield a decent return on investment is not arduous.


One such kind of speculation is fairly basic and clear. So, let discuss why land is the most ideal approach to contribute 100k and outline the investment strategies that can avail you build wealth in an efficacious manner.

1. It Can Engender a Passive Income Stream:

Not many investments can coordinate the degree of automated revenue that investment properties can produce. Simply outsource that task to an expert. You can likewise decide to put resources into real estate crowd-funding.

2. It Is an Efficacious Way to Hedge Against Inflation:

Putting resources into land is one of the best approaches to fence against inflation. The smart investors can stand to profit from it both in the short and even in the long run. This is because inflation is invariably trailed by an expansion in rental rates. This will result in a consequential boost to the investor’s revenue.

3. It Is Facile to Finance:

Contrasted with different kinds of investments, buying a rental property does not require substantial amplitude of money using cash on hand. It is not unwonted for genuine estate investors to borrow up to 90% of the acquisition cost at decent rates. This tremendous influence empowers financial specialists to expand their profits, while other assets don’t offer that kind of leverage when utilized as collateral.

4. It sanctions more control over investment:

In contrast to stocks or monetary forms, real estate property investment isn’t obligated to the impulses of organization CEOs and Wall Street officials. You can be exclusively responsible for the prosperity or failure of the investment if you opt to be. You are likewise allowed to pick whichever system to accomplish the ideal outcomes.

The best strategies to invest 100k in Real Estate

There are a few factors that make land the best venture for 100k. One of the USP is the multifaceted idea of the division. There are no less than 20 different investment strategies that you can look over. Each one varies in terms of the caliber of jeopardy, investment structure, and types of executives they require.

It’s basic to take note that every one of them can be beneficial if you cover all your bases and carry out an exhaustive investment property analysis.

1. Utilizing the lump-sum amount to buy a single property:

This is most likely the most ideal approach to contribute 100k securely. Purchasing a solitary home with no obligation gives you valuable equity that you can borrow against in the future. Besides, overseeing one property won’t take up a plethora of time which sanctions you to pursue other ventures.

This methodology has a few disadvantages especially if you’re investing in your income for higher returns. The income that a solitary property creates is genuinely low. Besides, losing a tenant will hit the full vacancy rate and will bring your rental income down to $0.

2. Putting resources into different properties:

This methodology requires utilizing 100k as an up-front installment for numerous properties and taking on home loans to fund the rest. There are a few favorable circumstances to this methodology. It accompanies the facility to engender higher rental income and maintain a decent occupancy rate after losing a tenant. You will likewise be able to deduct loan costs and mortgage interest from your taxes.

The main disadvantage of purchasing numerous investment properties is the fact that managing them all can get very hectic. Managing different occupants requires a considerable amount of exertion. Additionally, having various home loans over your head can get stressful over time.

3. Utilizing the 100k as a Down Payment:

This is the most ideal approach to invest 100k. A multiple-unit dormitory building provides the highest income potential of all three options. In integration, the property management costs of this type of building incline to be lower than that of houses. Furthermore, having all inhabitants in a solitary structure makes managing everything more facile.

The main hindrance of this technique is that it requires the high caliber of asset management skills. Before focusing on a specific procedure, it is basic that you recognize your requirements first. You additionally need to do a genuine evaluation of your degree of experience and pick the methodology that suits it.

Best places to invest your money in the real estate sector

So what are the best places to buy rental properties? Well, there are some factors that you want to look for, and one of the most important is called the price to rent ratio. Namely, what is the price of the property against what the rentals that are being charged in that area?

If you have a low price and a high rent, that’s going to make for a really, really great return. There are a lot of cities in the U.S. where that is very, very difficult to do, or the price to rent ratios is not conducive to making good returns. So you want to look for places that have a good price to rent ratios.

Secondly, you want to look; again, you’re thinking about a long-term investment, you want to think about stability. So again, there are places in the U.S., like both coasts, where we see a lot of wild instability in pricing, and as a result, that can make it more difficult to predict returns. You want to look for cities that have good, solid, almost slow, stable growth. That will make for a good, long-term rental investment

So, let’s have a gander at some of the most affordable but lucrative places enlisted here below?


Like more astronomically immense cities, Indianapolis is very diverse. We have antediluvian neighborhoods and we have more incipient neighborhoods. A few zones in Indianapolis offer preferred capital over others, some offer better appreciation potential, and some neighborhoods are more notionally theoretical in nature.

Indianapolis is an incredible city as is the rental market. Finding the ideal venture property can now and then be precarious and, because it’s so sizably voluminous, you’ll need to do your research to find a property that aligns with your investment goals.

Oklahoma City, OK:

It is about investment opportunities in Oklahoma. So for those that are considering investing in the Midwest, it might be good to consider Oklahoma it’s a great market to consider. It’s a tertiary market pushing up towards secondary and since renters place manages over 500 properties 125 we own and others.

In 2017, Oklahoma City was in the top 25 metro areas with the most expeditious growing job markets, and economic expansion in 2020 is looking promising as well. Why we should consider Oklahoma for investment is because even its Median rent prices are around $1,000, and the owner-occupied housing unit rate from 2013-2017 was a little over half (58.8%) according to Cumulated States Census Bureau data.

Cleveland, OH:

Cleveland has everything to offer that you could ever want in a big city. We are sure that you would really love that city. The mix of people here everywhere you go just incredible. There are a lot of cultures, a lot of history, and there are a lot of fun things to do and when you’re a student, that high on the list.

It has one of the largest performing arts venues outside of New York City. That would be Playhouse Square. They have the Indians, the Cavaliers, and the Browns. You can go from the fanciest of restaurants to a mom and pop shop. There’s like a great Asian district in the city. A lot of the students would go down to Coventry. Coventry is this hippie-like Haight-Ashbury take.

You would love living in Cleveland and even would encourage anybody who is thinking about coming to Cleveland. Let it surprise let yourself fall in love with.

Detroit, MI:

Metro Detroit is in a genuinely incredible spot regarding its lodging market. Countless void houses sit decaying in certain regions, while different zones are blooming. You can discover houses worth $80k that are selling for $100k, and some that are selling for $80. Regarding real estate investment, there has never been where the emptor needs more admonition. For a financial specialist who commixes risk tolerance with diligence and patience, the potential prizes are well beyond.

Pittsburg, PA:

For what reason would it be advisable for you to put resources into land in Pittsburgh? Well, when it comes to genuine estate, home prices are up and the number of homes sold has incremented from precedent years. Venture property purchasers are considering Pittsburgh to be an incredible spot to put resources into.

Pittsburgh perpetuates to experience a major transformation from its early years of smoke-filled firmaments, messy sediment-filled walkways, and neighborhoods. Pittsburgh is being changed splendidly from that gem waiting to be discovered to the world-class city we gladly call home.

Over to You:

Are you a good saver that has worked hard and now you find yourself with a nice-sized nest egg? Elite Properties can handle all these procedures for you and ensure you smooth and hectic free processing. Our other related blogs can facilitate this process for you. We at Elite Properties manage things for others. We get a lot of insight into what the markets doing returns asset classes all that good stuff so to get any questions about investing in specifically Tulsa Oklahoma or Oklahoma City so visit us at Elite Properties for further information.

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